Text Editions

Release Cycles

The RCV text is released in a series of three release cycles. The website is on a rolling release cycle, as it is updated as soon as I make changes to the text. The digital editions of the RCV available on the Downloads page will be realeased at the end of each month if any changes were made. Finally, the print editions will remain on an annual release cycle.

Current Edition, r2404

Digital editions are on track with the current edition.

Print Edition, r2309

The print edition of the RCV will remain on r2309 until September 2024, that is, unless any major edits are made before that time that would require an off-cycle release.

Relicensing The RCV Project

Beginning with the r2307 edition, I have relicensed the RCV project under the Eclipse Public License 2.0 (EPL 2.0). For the sake of simplicity, any previous edition of the RCV can be considered under this license.

For more information on the Eclipse Public License, please visit the Eclipse Foundation website[➚].

The source text for the RCV project can be found at http://source.rcv.xyz[➚].

Edition Numbering

Beginning in 2014, I have assigned edition numbers to the text of the RCV. This edition number gives the year and month of the release of the text. For instance, the 1401 edition was released in 2014 (14), in the month of January (01). The current edition will always be posted on the Download page on the day of release.