Where to Purchase the RCV

RCV book coverThe RCV can be purchased from online stores in both print and digital formats. The print versions can be purchased from Amazon.com and Lulu. The digital version can be purchased from the Amazon Kindle Store for the Amazon Kindle devices or the Kindle app for Android, iPhone, iPad, and the Kindle Cloud Reader for desktop browsers. Below are the links to each of the formats.

The print format of the RCV comes in three varieties. You can choose from two paperback versions and one hardcover version. In paperback, you can choose either the compact version (6x9 inches, 6 point font), or the standard version (7x10 inches, 7 point font). The hardcover version is 6x10 inches and has 6 point font.


Hard Cover


Free Download

The RCV will always be available for free on the Download page of this site.

* The above links on this page to Amazon.com are referral links. If you do not want to use the referral links, simply go to Amazon.com and search for "revised common version" (or click that link to go directly to the search results).