Where to Purchase the RCV

RCV book coverThe RCV can be purchased online in paperback format from the publisher, Lulu.com.

The print version mearures 7x10 inches with 7.4 point font. Unfortunately, that is the largest font size I can use for the print version at this time. Any increase in font size will expand the book to an uncomfortable thickness. I have plans to try to get print versions with larger fonts, but so far, I have not been able to find a publisher that can provide the RCV in larger print. I am always open to tips or suggestions for getting larger a font size in the print version of the RCV.

Digital formats can be purchased on the site, Buymeacoffee.com.



Following the below links, you will receive my latest update to the RCV in ePub or PDF format. These files are a preview of the next digital release as it is being edited.

Free Download

The RCV will always be available for free on the Download page of this site.