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A lot of time and a little cash goes into the maintenance of this website and the text of the RCV. If you would like to help out, I would greatly appreciate it. There are four ways in which you may make a contribution.

Feedback and Spreading the Word

I am always appreciative of any feedback you may have to better the user experience of this site and/or the RCV text. Feedback can be in the form of questions, comments, or feature requests. You may provide feedback by sending me a message using the email address given on the Home page. Also, the RCV has a Facebook page and a Twitter page. Please like/follow the RCV and share it with your friends.

If you like this site, let someone else know about it. Simply letting someone know about this site is an easy way you can make a much appreciated contribution.

Buying the Book and Donations

I have provided a couple of ways to monetarily contribute to the RCV. The RCV is available for purchase on and the Amazon Kindle Store and from Of course, the digital books are available free of charge—and always will be—on the Download page of this website. Consider purchasing the RCV as a form of donation, if you would like to make a donation.

You may also opt to make a donation of any amount via PayPal. Simply click the Pay Now button below and then type in the amount you wish to donate on the following page. (Note the email address will be different than the one on the Home page. PayPal for some reason does not like my custom email address.)

When you make a monetary contribution, whether by book purchase or donation, 20% of that amount will go to the charity, Childcare Worldwide. You do not have to have a PayPal account to make a donation.

If the above button does not work, click the below link.

Make a Contribution


Below is a list of people (arranged alphabetically) who have contributed in some form to the RCV project, whether it be theological consultation, errata suggestions, feature testing, or monetary donations.