The Psalms

Psalm 87

The nature and glory of the church, 1-3. The increase, honor, and comfort of the members thereof, 4-7.

1 [A Psalm or Song for the Sons of Korah.]

His foundation is in the holy mountains.

The LORD loves the gates of Zion/
more than all the dwellings of Jacob.

Glorious things are spoken of you,/
O city of God./

"I will make mention of Rahab and Babylon/
to those who know me./
Behold, Philistia, Tyre, and also Cush:/
'This one was born there.'"

And of Zion it shall be said,/
"This and that man was born in her./
And the Highest himself shall establish her."

The LORD shall reckon when he registers the people:/
"This man was born there."/

The singers as well as the players on instruments shall be there./
All my springs are in you.


Matthew Henry Commentary - Psalms, Chapter 87[➚]


John Calvin's Chapter Summary:

The miserable and distressing condition in which the Church was placed after the Babylonish captivity, might be apt to sink the minds of the godly into despondency; and, accordingly, the Holy Spirit here promises her restoration in a wonderful and incredible manner, so that nothing would be more desirable than to be reckoned among the number of her members.

[v.6] - "when he registers the people" - From Matthew Poole's Commentary: "The sense is, when God, the Maker and Governor of this city, shall take a survey of all his citizens and subjects. It is an allusion to princes or governors of cities that use to write and keep a register of all their people." From the Pulpit Commentary: "He shall enregister every individual among the converted nations as a true citizen of Zion, entitled to all covenant privileges."