Wikipedia Article Needed

The RCV Needs a Wikipedia Article

Published: Aug 31, 2018

The Revised Common Version is in need of a Wikipedia article. The article, Textus Receptus, mentions the RCV, which is a big deal, but the link in that article just goes to a page stating that the RCV does not have an article. I would create the article, but there are two factors preventing me from doing so. First, I think if I created the article, it might be seen as a conflict of interest, since I'm the project's editor. Second, my Wikipedia account does not yet have the ability to create articles. The article for the RCV would be quite simple and could be written in fewer than ten sentences. If someone were willing, I could even offer a draft to get the page started. If you are interested, please let me know by emailing me at I would greatly appreciate the assistance.

Here is the page Wikipedia has as a placeholder for the RCV: