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Books for Purchase

This section contains books that are either out of print or are difficult to find in print. These are all books that I have reprinted from a high-resolution facsimile of an original book. These books are all in the Public Domain and are available to download for free, but I have put these in print form for convenience of reading at what I hope to be a reasonable price.

John Calvin's Sermons on Job

The Catechism of the Church of Geneva

John Calvin's Commentaries on the New Testament

Free Books

This section contains a list of books that I believe are great classical resources for Christian teaching. All of these books are in the Public Domain and are free to download. I have noted the book's format in parenthesis. Below each book, I have listed key words to describe or categorize each book. When you download one of the below PDF or ePub files on a mobile device (e.g., smartphone or tablet), it is possible that it will be given a name of random numbers and letters. The file is otherwise in tact. You may just need to rename the file after you download it to your device.

Links to Books