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New Digital Edition of the RCV Released: r1607

posted Jun 30, 2016, 11:26 AM by William Masopust   [ updated Jun 30, 2016, 1:56 PM ]

Today, a new digital edition of the RCV has been released. This is the r1607 edition. This edition contains hundreds of edits across the whole text. I have replaced several archaic or obsolete words, many verses have been revised for clarity (i.e., Habakkuk 2:18, etc.), I have changed the spelling of some words to the American English spelling (e.g., 'towards' was changed to 'toward'), the glossary underwent a few changes (e.g., removed 'Cote' and added 'Fold', 'Repent' and 'Repentance' were also added, etc.), and the PDF file has a newly formatted title page.

This edition will include all digital files available on the Downloads page and the Kindle edition on the Amazon Kindle book store. This edition will not be applied to the print version of the RCV. I will wait for the next edition release to update the print version.

I plan on sticking to a consistent schedule for releasing updates to the RCV. The plan is to release a new digital edition every 6 months and a new print edition annually. The text on this website will still contain the latest edits to the day, so the website will be continually updated on a daily basis.

Thank you for your taking the time to read the RCV, and as always, if you have any questions, comments, or feedback of any kind, please feel free to send me an email to the address listed on the Home page. I always welcome and value reader feedback. Again, thank you.