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Old Testament Quotes Marked in the New Testament

posted Feb 3, 2011, 2:29 PM by William Masopust   [ updated Mar 4, 2011, 9:20 AM ]
The latest feature I have added to the RCV is the marking of the Old Testament Quotes within the New Testament text. What this means is that any time the writer of a New Testament book uses a passage from the Old Testament, it will be marked as italicized text. There will be a comment for the first verse in each book that is an Old Testament quote, if applicable, for some books do not directly quote the Old Testament. Eventually, this feature will be added to the ePub and MOBI versions of the RCV.

In addition to italicizing the text, I have noted in the Comments section of each chapter the passage from which the Old Testament quote comes. Similarly, throughout the Old Testament, I have noted the New Testament passage in which the Old Testament is quoted. For instance, Matthew 1:23 has a comment stating that it is quoting Isaiah 7:14, and Isaiah 7:14 has a comment stating that it is quoted in Matthew 1:23.

Hopefully, this feature will help you as you read and study the Scriptures.