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The RCV Website is Being Moved and Redesigned

posted Aug 7, 2018, 1:32 PM by William Masopust   [ updated Aug 7, 2018, 1:50 PM ]

The RCV website has been on the same web site host ever since I created it nearly 10 years ago. Google Sites has done a great job thus far and I still recommend it to anyone looking to make an easy website. Unfortunately, I think it's time I move to a more flexible platform that will allow me to maintain the site with more control over the look and feel. Google Sites is based on templates for site structure and there is very little I can do to modify the template or make site-wide look-and-feel changes (I often have to go to individual pages to make custom adjustments). Secondly, Google Sites is about to undergo a massive overhaul, which strips a great majority of the features I use on the RCV website. Eventually, those features will no longer be usable. Finally, Google Sites does not currently have a good backup option for full-site recovery in case something goes wrong.

When will this change take place?

I want to have the new site up and running before September when I'm going to be publishing the r1809 edition of the text. My thinking is that I want to set a target date of August 21-23. That gives me two weeks to make some final edits to the site (by the way, I have completely redesigned the RCV site from scratch and it is pretty much complete). I will begin the process of the transfer on the 21st of August and that will allow two days for any changes to take effect and everything to completely update. Hopefully, on August 24th, when you type in or to your browser you will be greeted by the new website.

What will be different after the change?

Most noticeably, the website will look different. All of the content will be there, it will just be presented in a more clean and easy-to-read format. Next, the link structure of the site will change. For instance, if you want to read Job 1, the link looks like this:; but when the new site goes live, the link will look like this: The directory structure changed a bit and there's the "s" at the end of the http to make https. (HTTPS ensures that the communication between your browser and the RCV site is encrypted. This has become a sort of standard of practice for current websites. Google Sites does not currently offer this.) Because of this directory structure change, many links and bookmarks to the RCV site will be broken. I will do everything I can to minimize the impact of this. Next, the site search feature will be missing. I will work on getting a site-wide search option on the new site as soon as possible. I use that feature a lot and will miss it, so I'll want to get it back and working. Finally, many search queries in search engines, such as Google, will either be lost or will have to be reestablished over time. This is the single most difficult thing for me to lose. The RCV website is highly ranked in many search queries and I just don't like the idea of losing that.

I will post updates of the move on the RCV Facebook Page. This will likely be my last post on this platform. That's a scary thought. Haha. I thank you for your support of the RCV Bible and for visiting this site. Hopefully, you will enjoy the new site as much or more than this current one. Well, I'll see you on the next site!

"May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen" (Philemon 1:25).