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Edit: Genesis 15:3

posted Jan 8, 2014, 7:41 AM by William Masopust

In order to give the sentence a little more meaning, I revised Genesis 15:3 to be a little more descriptive. Originally, the verse read as, "...and behold, one born in my house is my heir." I have updated the text to read like this: "...and behold, a domestic worker in my house is my heir." I made this change based on the word used there in the Latin Vulgate, vernaculus, which means domestic, or domestic worker. A domestic worker is a hired servant who resides with the family, but in this case, the domestic worker was born in Abram's house, which put him in the position to be the potential heir.

I have included an abridged version of this explanation in the Comments section on the Genesis 15 page.