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New Book for Download: Sermons of Master John Calvin upon the Book of Job

posted Dec 6, 2015, 12:07 PM by William Masopust   [ updated Jan 28, 2018, 7:36 AM ]
NOTE: John Calvin's Sermons on Job are available in print. Go to the Books page for the links.

A new book is available for download on the Books page of the RCV website. The book is called, "Sermons of the Master John Calvin upon the Book of Job." I have been searching for this book for a very long time and I found it on the website, This book is very difficult to find in print for a decent price. Currently, the lowest cost I can find for a print version of this book is around $60. I am currently considering offering this book in print form, but haven't decided yet. If I do, I hope to offer it for less than $30. (The print version is available on the Books page. The free PDF is also available on that page as well. You can also print the PDF yourself.)

This book is typeset in the original form when published in 1547 and it is written in Middle English. Because of that, it can be a slow read, but your eyes and brain will soon adjust and you should be able to read it near a normal speed with a little patience and practice.

I compiled this book from a high-resolution scan of an original printing. Due to the age and wear of the source book, there is some information loss in this digital version. All of the sermons are present and the great majority (90% or so) of them are 100% readable. There are few sermons with missing or unreadable words, and few with damage to the pages. I made an attempt to preserve as much information on each page as possible while maintaining the best readability as possible.

One change I made to this book is that I put The Table to the back of the book instead of the front where it originally was. This allows the reader to begin with the sermons (less scrolling in the PDF file). I also added a table of contents listing the sermon number along with the verses covered in that sermon.

So, if, like me, you've been searching for this book, feel free to download it on the Books page or at the below link. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. This sermon series is truly a treasure of teaching. It's most unfortunate that this book is so difficult to find.

Download link: Sermons of Master John Calvin upon the Book of Job

  • NOTE: This is a large PDF file and you will likely get a message from Google Drive saying that the file cannot be scanned for viruses because it is too large. Simply click the "Download anyway" button on that page to download the book.